Life robs us of so many things – time, family, health, fertility and much more.Who are we to plan our lives as if we have time? “I’ll do it next year, when I’m 30 I’m going to settle, when I’m 25 I’m going to buy a house”. Are you really? Who ever told you that you have this time? Nobody, it’s an assumption and assuming is very dangerous. You should never assume that you have time, because you don’t. We are running out of time every second of the day and the scariest part of it is that second could be our last.

We see and hear about bad things happening every day, on the news, on Facebook , in the local paper or by word of mouth. And for a second or two you feel for those people, and count your lucky stars. These things will ever happen to us ! Right? … Wrong, sadly these things do and will happen to us at some point and we have no control over these scary things. It’s just life.
Truth is your not ready for anything in life, there’s never a ‘right time’, there will always be something or someone in the way. Something making you think that it’s the ‘wrong time’. 

Now is the right time, it always will be. Do that thing that you’ve been wanting to do, go on that holiday, quit that shitty job you’ve been working your ass of at, move to a different city, have a baby! Yes, there are consequences with all drastic decisions you make and not everyone will support you. Your family may not agree with what your doing, your friends may think your crazy! But you know what? they’ll get used to it, and they’ll learn to respect you for taking that massive leap in your life and putting yourself and your happiness first.


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