Knowing your skin

* NOTE – I am writing this based on my research, findings and MY skin. If you wish to try any new products please consider patch testing them on your skin before using them all over your face *

I can honestly say that 2016 was the year that I learnt about MY skin. The term ‘learning about your skin’ might sound slightly patronising; But when I say learn I also mean to truly understand what it needs and why. 

Here’s my ‘skin story’

So I’ve always been interested in beauty and skin care products, I went through a phase of being obsessed with exfoliating, face masks, scrubs etc etc. 

In October 2015 I set off travelling, as soon as I hit the warmer countries in November my skin started to worsen and it all went down hill from there. I had acne and it really knocked my confidence, I didn’t want to wear make up so that I could let my skin breathe but at the same I didn’t want anybody to see my skin without make up because I felt so ugly. It got to a point where I would FaceTime friends and family and once the FT ended I’d cry because everyone from home would instantly notice my bad skin. 

By this time I’d got used to my skin and rarely wore make up, I went to seek advice from the girls that worked at Sephora and Mecca but all I got back was them trying to sell a bunch of products to me.

In February of 2016 my partner mentioned that he used to use Proactiv and that he felt it worked, $100 later I had my Proactiv starter kit. At this point I was desperate so I didn’t mind paying that much for a thinly starter kit. I couldn’t wait to try it and trust me, it did not disappoint. Proactiv is amazing for getting rid of acne and you see results after the first application, it actually feels like magic… HOWEVER ( and this is a massive however ) as amazing as Proactiv is, It’s soooooo harsh on people’s skin. The first week or two of using it my skin was all bumpy and raised similar to a rash but without the redness, it was all over my face and neck. It dyed my pillow cases, towels and clothes, you name it anything my face came into contact with, it dyed. I stopped using proactive because I didn’t want to be exposing my skin to such harsh products. I’m the type of person that loves natural things and likes to avoid chemicals and medicine as much as possible. 

I did some more research and decided to try and change my diet as I had heard that dairy can be a factor to bad skin and I am a HUGE lover of everything dairy especially cheese 😍. I cut dairy for roughly 2.5/3 weeks and honestly it wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. I had high hopes for the whole changing my diet because I’d read a lot of articles where people had done it and they had seen a significant difference in their skin. Shock, it didn’t work for me 🙈. At this point I was tearing my hair out thinking what the f**k will work then. I WELL and truly gave up and just thought to myself that I have to deal with it, this is my skin now.  

I had tried everything! Scrubs, face washes, acne cream from the doctors, regularly washing my make up brushes and changing my diet; my skin was only getting worse.

I decided to take yet another trip to Mecca and spoke to one of the advisors there. To my surprise I received some really good advice, I’d told her about using Proactiv and she told me to stay clear of using that stuff and that it causes more harm than good. She informed me that it takes up to 6 weeks for your skin to adapt and get used to a new routine and new products, that you should only exfoliate your face once or twice a week and that you should be washing your make up brushes roughly twice a week if your using your brushes every day. 

That day I walked away with a different frame of mind because she had opened up my mind to the importance of actually looking after your skin and not just doing all you can to cover your ‘ imperfections ‘ with products and make up.

I did some research into natural face masks and came across this girl on YouTube that was doing a tutorial for a DIY face mask and something she said really struck me and it’s something I now like to go by – ” if you don’t put it in your body don’t put it on your body”. 

 ( here comes the inner naggy mother ) 

We only have ONE skin, and it’s imperative to protect and preserve all of its goodness. We need to give it everything it needs and only that. 

We have chemists, cosmetic shops, facebook, Instagram, grocery shops and so much more trying to sell their cosmetic products claiming that they have all of these beneficial and ‘ amazing ‘ ingredients, it’s all a money making scheme. And oh boy do they like to put a hefty price on these products.

Let me just say this, you can’t get any better than nature!

And that is why I have decided to only use natural products as my skin care and honestly, it’s the best thing that I have ever done.  

I simply use a face wash, toner, moisturiser ( once in the morning and once in the evening ) and a face scrub ( once a week ) – 

The ingredients consist of : Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Bicarbonate Soda, Honey and water.

I make them all myself and a little goes a very long way, so once you’ve bought the ingredients I can assure you that it will last AGES.

This was my last resort, I had given up but I thought I’d give this a whirl. And I haven’t looked back since, I have absolutely no intentions of switching, if I do it’ll only be to other natural products. 

The results are slower than the likes of Proactiv ( obviously ) but I could see results within the first week or two. No my acne hasn’t magically disappeared but my skin isn’t soar any more, it’s not as red, there’s less ‘active’ pimples and it seems to just keep my face under control. I feel way better about my skin now that I know that I am using products that are benefiting my skin, that are all natural and I can see the progress day to day.

We all need to understand our skin type, what your skin is lacking, what your skin needs and what will really benefit YOUR skin type. I use the above ingredients because they benefit my skin type.
Using natural products may not be for everyone I completely understand that, but I ask you to at least give it a go, what do you have to loose? It’s cheaper, lasts longer and it’s natural 🌿


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