New Light

So they say that the best things happen to you when you least expect it; that I am now a firm believer of. 

Deciding to go traveling was a massive move on my behalf, someone that was scared of going upstairs alone was about to embark on a 12month journey visiting various parts of the world – alone! 

Two months in to my travelling I was in country number 3, beautiful New Zealand. Little did I know that this was where a new journey would begin.

Meeting someone that loved drinking and partying as much as I did was great, someone that was outgoing, open minded and had a freshness about them was awesome but it’s the kind, selfless, warm heart that he carried with all of that which really caught my attention and made me think, ” I can’t just leave this “.

Although I had vowed to myself not to get into a relationship or anything of the sort – due to extremely bad luck in the past; I just couldn’t leave this behind. There was something that I hadn’t felt or experienced before which made my mind up not to let go of it. And so we decided that we would make a go of things, cause after all what did we have to loose?

Just over one year down the line and I haven’t looked back. We have been with each other every day since ( apart from the month that we were apart in January ’16 ).

There’s just this sense of connection and engagement that I haven’t experienced with anyone else in my entire life. We are such different people but have the same dreams and sense of adventure, that’s how it works – were life buddies.

To have someone like him walk in my life was a breath of fresh air, and I am so grateful to spend my time, share my memories and give all of my love to the loveliest man I have ever met.  



2 thoughts on “New Light

  1. You’re so cute Lloyds 😍 Don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy!! Where are you travelling next?? Or are you taking a break? Love reading your stories xxx


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