Bolivia – La Paz

I hadn’t done much research so all as I expected was … a city! We took an over night bus from Uyuni which got us to La Paz at 5.30am, it was dark so I couldn’t make out much of the city at that point. 
La Paz is a city built on mountains and hills, it’s amazing but my God do I feel sorry for the people that live up these hills. The city is a layer of terracotta coloured brick houses almost looking as though they’ve been built on top of each other. 

Luckily there’s a few teleferico (cable cars) lines running through the city which can take you up or down these daunting hills in a flash.

On the morning of our arrival, after we’d had a nap and collected ourselves we decided to head to the largest market in the whole of South America – cool right ? 

Now you could find ANYTHING in this market! Toilets, food, phones, clothes, car bumpers and front doors, you name it they had it ! 

Although the market was cool we didn’t spend much time there as it just went on forever and pick pocketers were everywhere and had a go at us a couple of times. 

We also visited another market… the Witch Market, yes there were many ‘different‘ items from dried lama fetus, other dead animals and potions. There were also lots of lovely hand made crafts, clothes and jewellery and all VERY cheap.

There is a lot of culture to be learnt about in La Paz, there are many indigenous people here and it’s amazing to be able to learn about their culture, beliefs and ways from the locals. The people here can sometimes come across as rude and not very friendly but they’re just quite shy, once you get talking to the locals they are very happy to offer their help and recommendations.

You won’t find many supermarkets in La Paz, all food mainly comes from street vendors, whether you want a meal or a chocolate bar you’ll find it on the street. Bolivians have impressed me with their culinary skills, they’re great at their own food and western food, so there’s something for everyone. Bolivian food is very delicious, but naughty as most of it is fried or is somewhat unhealthy, they love their carbs and tend not to use that much veggies. Having said that, EVERYTHING is fresh, the bread, vegetables, fruit and meat. 

For three of the four days that we have spent in La Paz there have been demonstrations and protests, first it was regarding farmers and their land and then it changed to politics which seems to be a touchy subject over here. 

The protesters tend to stick to the main square in La Paz so we were out of it most of the time, until one night we were walking to our hostel and all of a sudden my mouth, nose and eyes started stinging and watering and people started coming gushing towards us with clothes covering their faces. It was tear gas! We rushed our way through the crowds and eventually came out of it. 

Even though the past three days have consisted of bangs which could be gun shots, fire crackers or small bombs I’m not sure, I didn’t feel unsafe or scared once. 

There was a point where we passed the protesters up close and at that point they were quite peaceful and police presence is high around the main square. 

Overall a HUGE thumbs up for this place, I absolutely love the city, the food the culture and the shy but very nice people. 

Peace out La Paz ✌🏽 


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