Debbie x

Another mothers day, another special occasion, your special occasion that I’ve missed.
I don’t think you’ll ever know how gutted I was not to be there for your big birthday, I just couldn’t make it happen and I’m really sorry for that, I’m also sorry for not being there for the 2nd Mother’s Day on the run, but I promise you I’ll make it up to you, all of this lost time, I will make it up for you.

It was always hard for me to decide to leave home, to leave you. And it’s never got any easier. 

I’ve been stuck to you like glue since I was born, your my mum, my best friend, my soul mate, my inspiration, my motivation, my love, my everything 💞

I’ve told you more than once and I’ll keep telling you, your my idol. 

You raised two toddlers, alone whilst running your own businesses, you never gave up and you did an absolutely amazing job; you built a solid foundation for us all and made sure that we always had everything we needed and wanted. You were a mother and a father, you do the handyman jobs around the house. 

You brought us up to always be polite and kind & most of all to always be ‘us’. 

” I don’t care what you be, as long as your happy “

As a little girl & up until this day you’ve taught me how to be kind, how to be an independent woman, that women can do all of the things men can. You’ve taught me to be courageous and brave, even when I’m scared. You’ve taught me to embrace me, to do me and not be scared of doing so. You taught me how to love, shown me how important family is. You taught me to be open minded, not to judge. You’ve proved to me that we can do anything.

Bit by bit, over the years, you have moulded me into the woman I am today. I still have a way to go, but with your help I’m confident I’ll get there.

You are ‘home’, wherever you are will always be home.


 🌸🌺HAPPY MOTHERS DAY🌺🌸to the greatest woman that I will ever across in my entire life, thank you for being the amazing, kind, warm hearted, generous, caring, courageous, strong, thoughtful and overall wonderful human being you are & being the best mother any child could ever wish for I can’t wait for the many years to come where you can guide and help me grow as a woman 💜 

One day I will be like you x


Globe Trotter

October 12th 2015 was the day my life changed, It was the day that little me from North Wales got on that flight form Heathrow to JFK and never looked back.

Meeting people from different countries, cultures, ethnicities and upbringings has helped me learn and understand that people are so different from one another. All of those factors shape an individuals’ personality and outlook on life. Whilst traveling I’ve hung out with people that I wouldn’t usually, yet I’ve instantly had a connection with them as we shared the same passion, to explore and travel.

This trip was first time that I visited third world countries. To see it on television and hear about them is one thing, but to see it with my own eyes was very hard hitting. I think what touched me the most was how happy the people, especially the children were in such poor living conditions and with so little. Of course the children are happy; it’s all they know. I have witnessed things that I would have rather not and it is hard to see and watch some things that your not comfortable with and not be able to do anything about it; but at the same time its good to see these things and its a massive reality check, this is some peoples lives and this is what they do to get by.

When breaking the news to my family and friends that I was going traveling alone, the reaction wasn’t great. People were forever telling me to be careful, look after myself because there’s some bad people in the world. Truth be told, yes there are bad people in this world; but what people tend not to realise is that there’s probably the same risk of something happening to me in Thailand as there is in London – Distance doesn’t make destinations unsafe, people do.

I’ve learnt that the people that preach danger of foreign countries are usually the ones that have never left their own. Most countries are relatively safe if your sensible and stick to the beaten track.

Throughout my journey I have met the nicest people and realised how lovely humans really are ❤️ The amount of people that have helped me along the way in some way or another is incredible! I never expected it to be like this. The more people have helped me the more it’s made me want to help others because I know how much I appreciated receiving that help. At the end of the day, we are all humans in this big wide world and we have a lot more in common than most of us thing, no matter who we are and where were from we still have a connection, were all here for the same reasons, we just have a different life paths.

Exposing myself to new things is very important to me, in order for me to learn and progress. If I always enter things with an open mind I’ll learn things about myself that I never knew. I have done and experienced things that I thought I would never have done, and if I would have stayed in good old Cerrigydrudion, I definitely wouldn’t have done them.

 It’s hard to always be positive, sometimes things don’t work out or go to plan. I’ve learnt that it’s so important to be positive as much as possible in these situations and just in general. Keeping positive will also keep you sane; after all things ALWAYS work out one way or another.

I’ve learnt that I never need to plan when travelling, it’s far more exciting to wing it. Not researching destinations, lack of organisational skills, absolutely shit map skills and navigation has left me rocking up to destinations with no battery on my phone not having a clue where I am or where I am meant to be; but I sorted it – Why? Cause I had to. Situations like this put of pressure on me yes; but they also pushed me to talk to people, try read a map, ask for help. Now I’m never worried if I don’t have an address for a hostel, get lost, run out of battery. I’m becoming an expert. My lack of organisational skills also contribute to my feelings, thoughts and impressions of destinations. I’ll be the first to admit I have done hardly no research before my trips and the destinations that I have visited. To me this is a positive thing as I have no expectations and haven’t set any standards which has left me truly blown away by many places.

The things that I thought would matter whilst travelling really don’t! Nobody cares how scruffy you look, how many times you’ve worn that grey t-shirt or when the last time you washed your hair was. The only things they care about is your story, where you’ve been and where your going.

Material things do not matter in life. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it’s about you, your personality, your soul and your outlook on life. Good qualities in a person are far more valuable than money will ever be.

Traveling has made me realise that you always have to enter things confidently and positively whether it be a bar, friendship, relationship, conversation or room. Go places you wouldn’t usually, talk to strangers in the street, do things that scare you and that you wouldn’t necessarily want to do; but always have the confidence, strength and ability to walk away if you are not enjoying something.

I feel that I have become a lot wiser, relaxed, loving, happier, open minded and just generally a better person since travelling and I am so great full for the lessons I’ve learnt and the way it has shaped me; and I cant wait to embark on a new journey.

New Light

So they say that the best things happen to you when you least expect it; that I am now a firm believer of. 

Deciding to go traveling was a massive move on my behalf, someone that was scared of going upstairs alone was about to embark on a 12month journey visiting various parts of the world – alone! 

Two months in to my travelling I was in country number 3, beautiful New Zealand. Little did I know that this was where a new journey would begin.

Meeting someone that loved drinking and partying as much as I did was great, someone that was outgoing, open minded and had a freshness about them was awesome but it’s the kind, selfless, warm heart that he carried with all of that which really caught my attention and made me think, ” I can’t just leave this “.

Although I had vowed to myself not to get into a relationship or anything of the sort – due to extremely bad luck in the past; I just couldn’t leave this behind. There was something that I hadn’t felt or experienced before which made my mind up not to let go of it. And so we decided that we would make a go of things, cause after all what did we have to loose?

Just over one year down the line and I haven’t looked back. We have been with each other every day since ( apart from the month that we were apart in January ’16 ).

There’s just this sense of connection and engagement that I haven’t experienced with anyone else in my entire life. We are such different people but have the same dreams and sense of adventure, that’s how it works – were life buddies.

To have someone like him walk in my life was a breath of fresh air, and I am so grateful to spend my time, share my memories and give all of my love to the loveliest man I have ever met.  


South America 

Its just under two weeks before we set off for South America, we’re flying into Santiago where we have 3 nights accommodation booked in the city and that’s as far as the organisation goes really!I have actually done some research and made a rough itinerary of what we would like to do but were not sure if we’ll get to visit all the places we hope to, we have just decided to wing it and play it by ear when we’re there.

When I made up our itinerary I used the ‘Big trips on a small budget – South America on a shoestring’ lonely planet book and also used the internet, it was pretty straight forward just a bit time consuming. I mainly used the Lonely Planet book, theres a reason why people always rave about the books – because they’re simply amazing. 

If you’ve never heard of Lonely Planet books, I highly recommend you use them when your planning a trip or even if you just want to know more about a country. They literally have all of the information you need in them from attractions, history, food, accommodation transport and maps! You name it, they have it. I even have a little pocket sized book by lonely planet called ‘Fast talk – Spanish’, it’s a book full of helpful short sentences and words like how to order food, buy a bus ticket, how much a hotel room is.

So yeah this is the itinerary that I have put together, we have decided to veer more towards the west as we want to spend most of our time there in countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador.

Chile – Santiago, Valpraiso, Copiapo, Atacama

Bolivia – Uyuin, Sucre, Parque Nacional a area de uso multiple ambro, Samaipata, La Paz, Coricio, Cordillera Real, Parque Nacional Madidi (amazon)

Peru – Lake Titicaca, Arequipa, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Lima

Ecuador – Quitota Loop, Quito, Galapagos, Quito, Amazon, Mindo, Otavalo

Colombia – San Agustin, Zona Cafetera, Medellin, Cartagena

Panama – (Sailling)

Brazil – Rio, Paraty, Pantanal, Bonito, Iguazu Falls

Argentina – Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza OR Buenos Aires, Reserva Faunistica peninsula valdes, El Chalten, Parque Nacional los glaciares

Chile – Torres Del Paine, Aysen, Chiloe, Clochagua, Santiago

After researching and putting this itinerary together the excitement really began to kick in, especially seeing pictures of the places that we want to visit. 

The countries within South America are so diverse, you have deserts, glaciers, wonderful beaches, enormous cities and small pretty towns all in one country – this has made it very hard to pack though. 

Stay tuned to see if we manage to follow the itinerary or whether we decide to take a different route, either way I’m certain it will be an adventure✌🏽️

Knowing your skin

* NOTE – I am writing this based on my research, findings and MY skin. If you wish to try any new products please consider patch testing them on your skin before using them all over your face *

I can honestly say that 2016 was the year that I learnt about MY skin. The term ‘learning about your skin’ might sound slightly patronising; But when I say learn I also mean to truly understand what it needs and why. 

Here’s my ‘skin story’

So I’ve always been interested in beauty and skin care products, I went through a phase of being obsessed with exfoliating, face masks, scrubs etc etc. 

In October 2015 I set off travelling, as soon as I hit the warmer countries in November my skin started to worsen and it all went down hill from there. I had acne and it really knocked my confidence, I didn’t want to wear make up so that I could let my skin breathe but at the same I didn’t want anybody to see my skin without make up because I felt so ugly. It got to a point where I would FaceTime friends and family and once the FT ended I’d cry because everyone from home would instantly notice my bad skin. 

By this time I’d got used to my skin and rarely wore make up, I went to seek advice from the girls that worked at Sephora and Mecca but all I got back was them trying to sell a bunch of products to me.

In February of 2016 my partner mentioned that he used to use Proactiv and that he felt it worked, $100 later I had my Proactiv starter kit. At this point I was desperate so I didn’t mind paying that much for a thinly starter kit. I couldn’t wait to try it and trust me, it did not disappoint. Proactiv is amazing for getting rid of acne and you see results after the first application, it actually feels like magic… HOWEVER ( and this is a massive however ) as amazing as Proactiv is, It’s soooooo harsh on people’s skin. The first week or two of using it my skin was all bumpy and raised similar to a rash but without the redness, it was all over my face and neck. It dyed my pillow cases, towels and clothes, you name it anything my face came into contact with, it dyed. I stopped using proactive because I didn’t want to be exposing my skin to such harsh products. I’m the type of person that loves natural things and likes to avoid chemicals and medicine as much as possible. 

I did some more research and decided to try and change my diet as I had heard that dairy can be a factor to bad skin and I am a HUGE lover of everything dairy especially cheese 😍. I cut dairy for roughly 2.5/3 weeks and honestly it wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. I had high hopes for the whole changing my diet because I’d read a lot of articles where people had done it and they had seen a significant difference in their skin. Shock, it didn’t work for me 🙈. At this point I was tearing my hair out thinking what the f**k will work then. I WELL and truly gave up and just thought to myself that I have to deal with it, this is my skin now.  

I had tried everything! Scrubs, face washes, acne cream from the doctors, regularly washing my make up brushes and changing my diet; my skin was only getting worse.

I decided to take yet another trip to Mecca and spoke to one of the advisors there. To my surprise I received some really good advice, I’d told her about using Proactiv and she told me to stay clear of using that stuff and that it causes more harm than good. She informed me that it takes up to 6 weeks for your skin to adapt and get used to a new routine and new products, that you should only exfoliate your face once or twice a week and that you should be washing your make up brushes roughly twice a week if your using your brushes every day. 

That day I walked away with a different frame of mind because she had opened up my mind to the importance of actually looking after your skin and not just doing all you can to cover your ‘ imperfections ‘ with products and make up.

I did some research into natural face masks and came across this girl on YouTube that was doing a tutorial for a DIY face mask and something she said really struck me and it’s something I now like to go by – ” if you don’t put it in your body don’t put it on your body”. 

 ( here comes the inner naggy mother ) 

We only have ONE skin, and it’s imperative to protect and preserve all of its goodness. We need to give it everything it needs and only that. 

We have chemists, cosmetic shops, facebook, Instagram, grocery shops and so much more trying to sell their cosmetic products claiming that they have all of these beneficial and ‘ amazing ‘ ingredients, it’s all a money making scheme. And oh boy do they like to put a hefty price on these products.

Let me just say this, you can’t get any better than nature!

And that is why I have decided to only use natural products as my skin care and honestly, it’s the best thing that I have ever done.  

I simply use a face wash, toner, moisturiser ( once in the morning and once in the evening ) and a face scrub ( once a week ) – 

The ingredients consist of : Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Bicarbonate Soda, Honey and water.

I make them all myself and a little goes a very long way, so once you’ve bought the ingredients I can assure you that it will last AGES.

This was my last resort, I had given up but I thought I’d give this a whirl. And I haven’t looked back since, I have absolutely no intentions of switching, if I do it’ll only be to other natural products. 

The results are slower than the likes of Proactiv ( obviously ) but I could see results within the first week or two. No my acne hasn’t magically disappeared but my skin isn’t soar any more, it’s not as red, there’s less ‘active’ pimples and it seems to just keep my face under control. I feel way better about my skin now that I know that I am using products that are benefiting my skin, that are all natural and I can see the progress day to day.

We all need to understand our skin type, what your skin is lacking, what your skin needs and what will really benefit YOUR skin type. I use the above ingredients because they benefit my skin type.
Using natural products may not be for everyone I completely understand that, but I ask you to at least give it a go, what do you have to loose? It’s cheaper, lasts longer and it’s natural 🌿


Life robs us of so many things – time, family, health, fertility and much more.Who are we to plan our lives as if we have time? “I’ll do it next year, when I’m 30 I’m going to settle, when I’m 25 I’m going to buy a house”. Are you really? Who ever told you that you have this time? Nobody, it’s an assumption and assuming is very dangerous. You should never assume that you have time, because you don’t. We are running out of time every second of the day and the scariest part of it is that second could be our last.

We see and hear about bad things happening every day, on the news, on Facebook , in the local paper or by word of mouth. And for a second or two you feel for those people, and count your lucky stars. These things will ever happen to us ! Right? … Wrong, sadly these things do and will happen to us at some point and we have no control over these scary things. It’s just life.
Truth is your not ready for anything in life, there’s never a ‘right time’, there will always be something or someone in the way. Something making you think that it’s the ‘wrong time’. 

Now is the right time, it always will be. Do that thing that you’ve been wanting to do, go on that holiday, quit that shitty job you’ve been working your ass of at, move to a different city, have a baby! Yes, there are consequences with all drastic decisions you make and not everyone will support you. Your family may not agree with what your doing, your friends may think your crazy! But you know what? they’ll get used to it, and they’ll learn to respect you for taking that massive leap in your life and putting yourself and your happiness first.