35 mins until we arrive in Santiago, when I look to my right, past a few people and through the window, I see the sea, greenery and mountains, possibly the Andes?

 I’ve not been able to sleep at all on this journey because of excitement. I’ve been up since 5am Aussie time, our flight was at 10am from Melbs and we’ll be touching down in Santiago at 11.20am – the same day; sometimes I like time differences.
Whilst I was trying to get a glimpse of what was beyond the window I had a little moment of sheer excitement, this is MY DREAM, I’ve been wanting, wondering and longing for this continent for a very long time. And it’s here, at my finger tips, just beyond that window and in 27minutes time I’ll be setting foot there, exploring, wandering, exposing myself to the culture and soaking up everything I possibly can.

I just feel on top of the world, I’m doing it, doing me, my dream, my life and I actually want to cry.