I t s L i f e – 3rd world transition

I don’t like the word ‘ignorance’ nor do I like to practice it, BUT my time spent in third world countries has taught me that just sometimes, you have to practice ignorance in some instances  – for your own sake. 
I have seen so many things that have made me feel uncomfortable and I know that the worst is probably yet to come, living in a third world country only means greater exposure to these things

Every time I see something I don’t like, I have learnt to tell myself – ” it’s life” 

Empathy and an open mind is key

No matter how bad or good a situation, it is vital that the reasons for a situation occurring are understood. 

I do not have the right to judge someone’s culture, morals, traditions, food and way of living just because I don’t agree with it.

In Phnom Penh poverty is rife, the city is dirty and polluted, there is an abundance of stray/sick animals and the whole country is riddled with corruption – but you know what? 

I’ve learnt to look past all of the negative aspects…

I L O V E Cambodia, the people, the culture, the language, the food and I admire Cambodians for everything they have been through as a country and as individuals. 

I couldn’t be in a better place to give back, do more and to try make a change, regardless of how big or small that change may be.